The feature rich online platform for your assessment and business needs from the Test Factory

The Test Factory deliver online assessment solutions, tailored to our clients’ exact needs and managed by our expert teams.

Our Online Assessment platform ‘Pento’ is rich in functionality and features while being flexible by design allowing us to tailor it to our different client requirements. Pento incorporates extensive Content Management tools, to simply create and manage assets including question banks, learning resources, media files and feedback.  Candidate management features and marking tools give detailed management information on each test, candidate and group/cohort.


For most clients, all authoring and campaign management is handled on their behalf by our client teams, but easy to use tools ensure this is a client’s personal preference.

Our assessments are operating in almost every industry, helping meet business challenges and needs across the globe (see our ‘Test For’ section for further information on the sectors we currently work across).


Content authoring and candidate management

Simple and slick question authoring. We can provide training for you allowing you to create your own tests. Alternatively, if you don’t have resource available then our content management experts will take full control of the process on your behalf.

It may be your content already exists in a legacy system, Excel, Word or simply in emails. The system allows mass upload of questions, saving time and resource. For more information on our managed service click here or get in touch. 



Content delivery and marking

Tests are delivered to candidates via a client branded web-based test player on a PC, mobile or tablet device.

A clients’ test player can be integrated with external systems such as Learning Management Systems, e-learning systems or Virtual Learning Environments for a seamless journey between learning, assessment and back to appropriate learning, based on performance.

Each answer is instantly recorded to our database where real-time reporting can be accessed by privileged administrators.


Some question types cannot be marked automatically such as free text. For questions that can’t be auto marked, the Marking area is available for assessors to manually review answers. Upon submission of a test containing one or more questions requiring manual intervention, a reviewer is alerted via an email notification from which they can then securely log in to the application and manually mark the relevant question(s).

Further customised options such as marking templates, seeded questions and reviewing markers can also be incorporated to client projects.


Management information

The real value in assessments lies within the management information. Our assessment platform provides real-time business intelligence on individuals and groups, enabling you to identify learning patterns, business knowledge, performance and measure learning requirements. Ultimately management information allows you to make meaningful, accurate and informed decisions.
All of our on-demand reports are accessible from any device connected to the internet and downloadable in a variety of formats by authorised personnel. For more evidence on how our powerful management information can help you, see here.