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    Welcome to The Test Factory

    We’re a team passionate about delivering innovative assessment solutions for amazing clients. Our rich platform helps us deliver online tests across the globe, customised for each client from their briefs, content or from our published library – each hand built by experts.


    Employee & candidate assessments

    Education & Publishing

    Partner of choice for leading awarding bodies, publishers & educational institutions

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    Working with clients across the globe The Test Factory delivers assessments in over 150 countries and 20 languages each and every month. Our flexible solutions enable you to use assessments in any way desirable. You're limited only by imagination.

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  • Education & Publishing

    Education & Publishing

    Education & Publishing

    Our unique approach and feature rich technology platform provide a compelling proposition as an assessment partner of choice for leading awarding bodies, publishers and educational establishments.

    We deliver customised solutions across formative, diagnostic and high stake assessments, delivering exact project requirements, whilst minimising time to market and investment.


    Formative and diagnostic assessment technology to aid personalised learning and out comes


    A comprehensive platform to author, deliver, mark and manage high stake assessments

    Customised Solutions

    Fully customised functionality, user experience, design and integration from our feature rich platform

  • About us

    About us

    About us

    The Test Factory delivers both tailored and pre published assessments to over 150 countries, in over 20 languages  for some of the biggest corporate & education organisations on the globe, including; Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Oxford & Cambridge University Press, Hodder Education, Cisco, and the BBC.

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