About us

The Test Factory is a provider of online assessment solutions

On our clients’ behalf, we simplify the assessment process from end to end. Our expert teams create, design and manage solutions for our clients. Whether you are using assessments as part of the recruitment process, for compliance, learning and development, or evaluation; we have the solution for you.

Our online assessment solution is rich in features and functionality and provides extensive content management tools. to create and manage assets including question banks, learning resources, media files and feedback, candidate management features, branded test delivery options, marker functionality. The solution also provides powerful management information based on each test, test taker, group and content, which helps to underpin strategic decisions taken by companies. Alongside our content management tools, our test environment accommodates for a full suite of question types including multiple choice and drag and drop and is branded in line with any corporate branding guidelines our clients have in place. Our custom API calls are built to make integration with ATS, LMS and learning platforms easy so a seamless process is ensured for the end user, and data can be passed between systems.