The Test Factory offers an online platform to facilitate the delivery of assessments, as well as the option to provide content for recruitment assessments.

The deployment of online assessments as part of your graduate recruitment process can dramatically reduce the time, effort and resources required whilst improving results in recruiting tomorrow’s leaders.

Situational Judgment Tests

SJTs are a perfect way of identifying the right competencies and behaviours of candidates, aligned to the roles and requirements of the organisation.

Our team of Occupational Psychologists will design questions using real-life scenarios based on a competency framework of values model of an organisation. These assessments will gauge how much of a behavioural, attitude, cultural and values fit a prospective employee is to a job role.


Knowledge Based Assessment

For many roles and industries, measuring existing knowledge is crucial to identifying suitable candidates. Working with you, we place your content (or source from Subject Matter Experts) within our flexible assessment platform.

From here our teams deliver the perfect assessment solution that matches your exact requirements and desired recruitment process. For example, this may be automated based on results, include the application process or be integrated within your existing recruitment or HR systems.