Management information

In the Reports area of Pento we provide a whole host of real-time reports that can be viewed and downloaded in various formats by authorised users. These reports allow analysts to review and analyse the performance of individual candidates, candidate groups, and also the content being delivered to them.

A small selection of reports available includes:

  • Assignment Performance– allows top performing candidates to be identified
  • Benchmark– allows candidates and their peers to be compared
  • Candidate Analysis– allows the test history of one or more candidates to be viewed
  • Candidate Report– allows a candidate’s performance in a specific test to be viewed
  • Group Analysis– allows the test history of all candidates in a group to be viewed
  • Group Performance– allows comparison of performance between groups
  • Question Analysis– allows a question performance to be analysed
  • Test Assignments– allows the status of a test to be ascertained (i.e. Completed, In Progress, Not Started etc.)
  • Test Performance– allows a comparison of every client to have taken a test over time
  • Confidence versus Competence– By ascertaining the confidence on a question or topic, this can be contrasted with performance or competence