Learning and development

Assessments play a pivotal role across the Learning & Development lifecycle of employees.

By providing insight, evidence and direction to help individuals, managers and trainers, accelerate personal, team and organisational development.

Here are just a few of the areas our clients such as Microsoft, HSBC, Cisco and the BBC are using tests for Learning & Development.

Personalised Learning Plans – Highlight strengths and weaknesses in an employee’s portfolio and provide tailored learning interventions based on areas of weakness.

Training Needs Analysis – Identify training programmes suited to a learner based around results from the assessment.

Engaging in e-learning – Make the assessment journey engaging and interactive, complementing other areas of e-learning within an organisation.

Inductions and On-boarding – Ensure new staff are fully competent in areas of product and service knowledge through the use of assessment.

Post Training Analysis – Evaluation tool ascertaining the success of your training and your learners.

Competence vs Confidence – Measure the confidence of your staff in comparison to how competent or knowledgeable they are in a particular area.

Self, Manager and Peer Assessment – We cater for both 180 and 360 feedback tools to be used alongside employee appraisals or personal development reviews.

Learning and development